Meet Natasha

Holistic Counsellor, Acupuncturist & Mind-Body Therapist

We All Have a Story To Tell…

By sharing mine, I hope to show you how my life journey has taught me the tools to help you live with joy and contentment.


A Curious Mind

Instinctively drawn to spiritual practices, mindfulness and meditation, and the fascinating connection between body and mind, my personal journey of awakening has ignited a passion for sharing my tools of self-empowerment with others. Today, the insight and wisdom I bring to my healing practices draws on the richness of my life experiences, as I continue to explore the extraordinary relationship between physical, emotional and spiritual.


My Journey of Self-Healing

Following a troubled and unstable childhood, my twenties saw me battle with love addiction – a negative pattern of dysfunctional relationships leading to a vicious cycle of pain. I was unaware of how to break free, powerless to set boundaries, and unable to accept, let alone love, myself. It was only many years later, when I finally sought help for the root cause of my struggles, that I realised transformation begins with repairing our relationship with our self. I embarked on a life-changing journey of self-healing, which would lead me to authentic self-care and the subsequent ability to reclaim my life.


The Power of Self-Compassion

In developing the skills to be more fully present and practice self-care on a daily basis, I learnt an incredible amount. To sit with feelings of discomfort in order to maintain my boundaries; to let go of control and connect to a divine consciousness; and to trust myself – turning my ‘inner critic’ into a compassionate, guiding voice. As a result, I have welcomed great joy into my life. Today, I am married to a conscious and loving husband (yes, I found the love of my life!), have a beautiful young son and two wonderful step-children, and my heart is full of compassion towards myself and others.


Toolkit (My Gift To You)

If my story is starting to sound like a fairy-tale, let me be clear about the reality of transformation. Harnessing this inner strength and wisdom is not instinctive (especially not at first), nor does it always come easy. Instead, it’s about learning to make conscious choices, recognising habitual patterns, and purposefully accessing your ‘emotional toolkit’ to allow positive change.

And this is what I’d like to pass on to you. Inspired by the insightful experiences of my own life journey, and supported by my years of training and experience in psychology, counselling, mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, my unique combination of Acupuncture, Holistic Counselling and Energetic Healing nurtures body, mind and spirit in a powerful, transformative process.

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  • Bachelor in counselling and Human Change (Jansen Newman Institute)
  • Bachelor of Traditional Chinese medicine (Sydney Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Certificate III in Kahuna Bodywork (College of Kahuna Sciences)
  • Diploma in Energetic healing (Nature Care College)
  • Natasha holds a First Aid certificate

Association memberships

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPPRA)
  • Australian Kahuna Training Guild

Work With Me

My holistic packages help women feel empowered, connected and liberated.
Choose from a variety of powerful techniques and embark on your personal journey of awakening and transformation.

Self-Compassion and Empowerment

Holistic Counselling Session

1:1 session | 1 hour | $95

A holistic counselling session designed to facilitate kindness and respect towards yourself. Overcome self-limiting thoughts and patterns, and be empowered to reclaim your life as you learn to embrace your worthy and beautiful self.

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Powerful Mind-Body

Holistic Counselling + Acupuncture Session

1:1 session | 1.5 hours | $140

A deeply integrated session covering holistic counselling to identify habitual patterns and self-limiting beliefs, followed by a tailored acupuncture session. Focusing on mind and body in unison enables a deeper, more profound level of healing.

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Transformative Healing For Mind, Body, Spirit

Holistic Counselling + Acupuncture + Energetic Healing Session

1:1 session | 2 hours | $190

This deluxe transformative package uses a powerful combination of healing modalities to truly transform. An incredible trio of counselling, acupuncture and energetic healing will empower you to let go of all resistance and be open to transformation.

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Giving Back

In a world where there is so much beauty yet so much suffering, I believe we all have a duty to give back where we can. In order to find my cause, I looked to a question posed by one of my teachers, renowned author Andrew Harvey, who asked, “What breaks your heart?”.

What Breaks My Heart?

Every hour, 300 football fields of precious rainforest is destroyed across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is found in over half of all packaged items on our supermarket shelves, from snack foods to soaps. In the last 20 years, almost 80% of the orangutan population has disappeared. We are losing over 6,000 orangutans a year, and orphaned infant orangutans are a tragic result of the relentless destruction of their habitat. This is what breaks my heart.

To make a small difference, I decided to sponsor an orphaned orangutan in Indonesia, called CeCe. I now donate 1% of my earnings to The Orangutan Project, an organisation with a mission to protect endangered wild orangutans against extinction.